Yii form not validating

My concern with looping through element in the form, is what will this do to disabled or hidden fields? We haven't clicked submit, we are still filling out the form.Should we have it skip them when resetting the status? Only reason I can see, is because it satisfies this check, which must happen to validate the form: , it removes any other validations. I go to another field, and the checkbox (any any other already green/red validated field) goes back to normal. It looks the best way is to create a helper function ( On a side note, after chasing my tail.. Though, I still think a revalidate function should be added.If disabled, it will use a stock profile pic, unless they upload their own. Then after I went and watched fireworks with the family, got home, and started searching again, I stumbled across this issue (luckily).If enabled, it will override the in-house option and replace it with their Gravatar. First I reset the status as mentioned: Wow, it worked...I wrote a quick wiki guide on how to use client validation, from a practical real life scenario. I had a problem where I have do an to get an Yii active form.

The first input field is for the "name" data, and the second for the "email" data.

Then if i want to trigger only the form by javascript here is the way i found to work.

wizard.get("#wizard_last_step")Validator(function() we assume that it should validate the whole form and send the event after Validate because the form was validated.

After the input fields, the yii\helpers\Html::submit Button() method is called to generate a submit button.

To see how it works, use your browser to access the following URL: You will see a page displaying a form with two input fields.

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