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This play strives to honor not only the victims of the historical tragedy, but also the survivors left broken in its wake.

Tickets are available now at in-person at the box office at 1225 W.

Honorees will be selected based on the quality -- not quantity -- of their nominations. Chicago on July 19 and recognized at YLD's WYLD party in August. The play, which runs from April 20-May 29 at Stage 773 in Chicago's Lakeview neighborhood, explores the complicated relationship between faith, tragedy, and moving forward in a San Francisco community of Polish immigrants in in 1947. Alan Lester Brooks, centers around the life and decisions of Rabbi Simon Kroeller, a pillar in his newly established American community who is reeling from the loss of his family in the war in Poland.

Right now it's an important time, and we wanting to be on the right side of history." Brooks describes the play as a metaphor for the events in Israel today.

Whether you are the descendant of a survivor, or simply wouldn't be here today if it weren't for a survivor; whether you have made sharing a survivor's story part of your mission or had one meaningful moment when a survivor touched your life, we want to get your story -- and their story -- out there.

To pitch your idea, write a paragraph describing what your piece would be about and send it to [email protected] Friday, April 15.

The situations and ethical dilemmas presented have universal applications.

It's a story about existing in two separate, very different, worlds." The production is a beautifully collaborative process, and Fromm, Brooks, and dramaturg Sarah Illiatovitch-Goldman worked together for over a half a year making small changes to Brooks' book to enhance it for the Chicago stage.

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