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Winfried spontaneously travels to Bucharest and waits for Ines in the lobby of an office complex.After several hours, she finally appears, accompanied by several of her client's board members and on the way to a meeting.

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"Erdmann" accompanies her on a night out with her work friends, and eventually even comes to a business meeting with her.The former Atletico Madrid striker had been married to Diego Maradona’s daughter Giannina, with whom he had a son called Benjamin, but the pair split in 2013.And according to this segment from an Argentinean chat show, Aguero has been looking for a love a lot closer to home.In the evening, Winfried accompanies Ines to the reception at the American Embassy, where they meet Henneberg, a German oil company CEO with whom Ines wishes to secure a consulting contract.Ines tries desperately to gain Henneberg's attention, but Henneberg seems more interested in her father.

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