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“They’ll have a conversation with you about sex,” she said.“They’ll talk to you about the risks of being sexually active.” Responding to a JTA inquiry about the contraceptive and counseling options available to students, YU’s senior director of media relations, Mayer Fertig, referred to the website of the Health & Wellness center.Instead, the precipitating incident was the publication by a student-run newspaper of a female student’s first-person account of a premarital sexual encounter.But this is Yeshiva University, an Orthodox institution where the campuses for men and women are separated by approximately 10 miles, and the story’s publication in the YU Beacon newspaper prompted an intense, open discussion of a topic normally considered taboo in this conservative college community.A lot of potential students would see that and not come to the university," Lazaros said.

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“From what I know, there is no information that has been made very accessible in terms of contraception, rape or pregnancy,” S. Tamar, a senior at Stern who asked that her last name not be used, said she could recall just one event in her three years on campus in which women’s sexuality and health was discussed.

That’s not to say student health services doesn’t provide students with guidance or resources — it does — but the university’s low-key approach to sexual health issues stands in stark contrast to the approach of many U. “If you look at the data of who is having the most unintended pregnancies, it’s young women in their 20s.” Sarah Lazaros, 21, a senior at YU’s Stern College for Women, said it’s clear why Yeshiva doesn’t have such material available online.

Having information on the website "would go against a lot of what the university stands for, which is total devotion to Jewish law.

As for contraceptives, she said, “It’s not something that’s talked about.” Lazaros, a women’s studies major, said that a student-run women’s studies society on campus once brought a sex therapist to the college to speak.

She also said the Health & Wellness Center does not provide a broad spectrum of services, probably because of limited demand and the school’s small size.

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