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They moved last fall from their space on East Pleasant St. I haven’t actually been to their new location yet so I don’t really know how much I can recommend this but I’ve enjoyed going here in the past. So, almost everywhere you go is welcoming and probably has at least two other queers inside. Cushman Market and Cafe (491 Pine St #A) Up in North Amherst, most students don’t know about this place because it’s not really on a bus route.

Also, if you go to UMass, you will end up taking somebody here for their first legal drink on their 21st birthday. It’s a restaurant until 10 and after that they move the tables away and it turns into a club. Tunnel Bar: (125A Pleasant Street.) Tunnel Bar is a secret-ish place without a sign, which is why they don’t even have a website. It’s in an old railroad mail depot and makes delicious sandwiches of both the vegetarian and carnivorious variety.

I wasn’t out to anyone (even myself), and even though my dad’s side of the family all went to school here I somehow had no clue about Amherst’s hippie-liberal vibe. Having lived in the liberal bubble of Massachusetts my whole life, I’ve found Amherst even more queer-friendly than other parts of the state (except Northampton and Provincetown). If you like butches with babies, or gay dads with four kids, or quirky people of every kind, you will like Northampton, aka Noho.

It’s super sweet because it’s underground and in an old train tunnel. WWII Club/The Deuce: (50 Conz St.) Home of Bon Appetit Burlesque, monthly queer burlesque. Lime Red Teahouse (50 Main St.) This is where you go for bubble tea if you don’t drink coffee.Swift claimed he was "wasted, lonely and in a bad state of mind" at the time, and said the act shown in the video was "not something he would normally do," the complaint said.Investigators determined the video had been made at the Bel Air Inn in West Springfield.Along with police from Blandford, Easthampton and West Springfield, an investigator for the Massachusetts Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals was involved in the investigation.After visiting Swift's apartment, the investigator determined the dog "was healthy and happy" and no further action was needed, the report said. By late Monday, he had neither turned himself in nor been arrested.

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