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As for where to meet decent, sober people, when you figure it out I expect you to come out here and share or see at least if they have a twin who wouldn't mind relocating to Texas! Courtship..I know im being silly.....i kinda believe that the grass isnt any greener on the other a man thats perfect...THERE IS NONE... __________________ "A FRIEND IN NEED IS A FRIEND INDEED" SHARON B. 8-11-90 I turn my will and life over to the care of a Power greater than I on a daily basis for guidance, care and protection.Hugs, And here are you guys in the situation i kinda wish i was in...... : ) Just like women....there is no such thing as a perfect there? I put a profile out there recently, and I swear that my enabling,codie self came shining thru because every one of the possible matches were As - either active or in recovery.I decided to join one of those internet dating sites, in my profile I stated that I am not into head games at all.I recieved a few responses and was upfront about my sobriety. It seems when I mentioned my sobriety that was the last I heard from a few of the women.We talked numerous times on the phone and sure enough last night she told me that she wasnt ever interested in any form of relationship with anyone, she was doing this as a test to see if she could get someone to like her.I then told her that it was a cruel joke because I stated in my profile that I dont play mind games and dont want to be with someone who does this. But I wasnt going to let this get me down of anything, I am just going to go on.At one time I had about 4 "conversations" going with people but none of it panned out due to some of the things I listed above.

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(the only one I really mess with) and I know people who met that way that ended up married and happy and others that ended up married and now divorced.

I guess I am being picky too in finding someone and I also know when the time is right I will meet her. Hi I knew Kellye would be by to share her experience with you on on-line dating.

I am probably not a very good spokes person for this source of dating!

I know for me waiting till the time was right was important and all.

I also wanted to heal my broken heart because it was broken by someone who I met on the internet but not one of those singles sites.

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