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Tina provided much-needed relief from the drudgery of my cubicle existence.These days, the word “date” means that we have a babysitter for a few hours, giving us time to grab a cheeseburger and a beer.Realistically, he says, people are superficial; for example, generally speaking, women prefer tall men and men prefer skinny women.So women and men both search out partners based on features they find physically attractive.A few years ago he was in a serious relationship that soured because he doesn’t want to have kids.

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It’s the full experience of spending time with someone that tells you whether you like a person or not.

So it’s not that people who use online dating are more superficial than any other group of people.

Rather, he believes the typical online dating system exaggerates our tendency to be superficial.

It’s not a simple matter of someone being the “perfect” weight and having the “right” eye color.

In Ariely’s opinion, breaking people into attributes turns out not to be informative.

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