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It has since been hailed as a tech company committed to empowering local communities through the flow of open information.Several of Ushahidi’s board members, including cofounders Erik Hersman and Juliana Rotich, did not respond to multiple Buzz Feed News requests for comment, instead directing inquiries to statements put out by the company regarding the investigation and the timeline of events.Ushahidi released its first statement addressing the issue the following day, saying it was “taking this claim seriously and will strive to seek a fair and just conclusion to the matter in accordance with the Law as soon as is reasonably possible.”Several people in Nairobi’s tech world have spoken out since, including Ory Okolloh, one of the original founders of Ushahidi, who left the company in 2010.In a Medium post published on July 11, Okolloh called Ushahidi’s response to Kabari’s complaint unacceptable.“The idea that either individuals or organizations are ‘too big to fail’ or that the tech and start-up sector is somehow different is wrong,” Okolloh wrote.Many Ushahidi employees work remotely and across multiple time zones, she said, so the retreat was a way to build camaraderie. 19, while a group of Ushahidi workers were gathered around a bonfire and drinking, she said Were told her he had lost the earpiece to his hearing aid, and asked her to help him look for it.Kabari described what took place on the final night of the retreat. However, Were told Buzz Feed News that he had only asked the hotel staff for help finding his earpiece, and that he did not ask Kabari for help; he said she offered. Kabari reiterated that she was “opting out of both” options.“You know, to be honest, I didn’t see much tongue with her, so I hear you,” he said, and then added, “This is the most chafu search you’ve ever been on.” (“Chafu” is Swahili for “dirty.”)Earlier, Were had asked Kabari where her hotel key was.And then, in a move that made Kabari question whether her case was being taken seriously, the company added that Kabari had also violated her contract and the organization’s rules — which call for “mindful and respectful” communication between employees — by using phrases like “fuck off” liberally in the workplace.

But Were, who said he has listened to the recording, told Buzz Feed News he believes the clip has been edited.

NAIROBI — One of Kenya’s best-known startups has spent the last two and a half months trying to quietly handle allegations of sexual harassment from a former employee against its executive director.

Daudi Were, one of the country's first bloggers and the executive director of Nairobi-based nonprofit software company Ushahidi, has been accused of sexually harassing an employee during a company retreat on Jan. In an exclusive interview with Buzz Feed News, Angela Kabari, who has since resigned from the company, recounted how Were led her away from her coworkers and suggested that she have sex with one of her female colleagues.

“Daudi also works alongside the administrative and operations officer in HR.

He is the executive director, and also serves on the board.

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