Cam crush

I’m not saying cameras completely replace in-the-field scouting. I spent much of the 2016-17 deer season using the Wildgame Innovations Crush Cell Cam. But first, let’s cover the specs and special features. The trigger speed was slightly slower than I’d like it to have been, but for a wireless camera, it’s pretty good.I was still able to capture quality images of deer, even when I didn’t have some kind of attractant in front of the camera. If you have enough service to send out a picture text, the camera should, too. As expected, I found there were some areas that the camera didn’t have enough service, but in most places, it did. I’ve always been an advocate for using video mode for cameras.You may want to consider using the attached Photo to assist and enhance your product marketing.The photo was taken with your Vision 16 Lights Out camera taken October 2, 2017 on my hunting property.That said, you do have the external battery option which will greatly extend battery life, meaning you’ll have to go in there less often to replace them.As with all cameras, this one offers a boat-load of special features.

We are always looking for new opportunities to bring exciting and unique live content to our viewers! I now own three of them and I'm considering another one.Unlike other game camera brands, yours keep the time and date accurately. But wireless trail cameras have changed things even more.No longer do we have to go afield and spread unnecessary scent throughout the woods. But cameras — especially wireless ones — reduce the level of which it’s required.

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