Bleeding edge malware fake av antispyware updating

Spyware is often connected with some way to get an advertising revenue, propagate spam or similar things.

The presence of such a backchannel represents a simple way to detect even the most sophisticated spyware and a TCP/IP sniffer often is an adequate tool for this.

A) Yes, spyware can be complex, extremely annoying and obnoxious as well as extremly difficult to remove (and latest banking and data encryption Trojans are a serious warning).

Typically the period between malware gets into your computer and the moment it is detected by AV program installed can vary from hours to several weeks or even months.

The spyware problem is not a pure Windows security problem. While the insecurity and architectural flaws of Windows operating system is a problem that aids malware in general, the channel for spreading spyware is usually Web and specifically Google search engine (which for some reason does not mark DNS names that are less then a month old -- many "" belong to this category.

We really need something for IE that blocks sites which has DNS registered less then a month or so ago. Checking can be incorporated into DNS Prefetching: The DNS Prefetch addon for Firefox enables DNS Prefetching which is a method of resolving and caching DNS lookups before you actually click on a link.

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